CSF B-tubes

Being one of the marketleaders in high-quality performance cooling products, CSF boasts several unique manufacturing technologies that make sure your car is cooled under the most adverse conditions, when performance is key! The entire process of creating CSF products happens in privately owned factories and everything is created ‘in house’. From the digital CAD design, to machined fitting and welding.

Where normal radiator tubes are more 'O-shaped', CSF create a unique 'B-shaped tube. By using materials that are thinner and lighter than most we create a shape that allows for better cooling. Because of the B shape, the end products is not only lighter, but also stronger than regular tubes.

An additional benefit of the B shape, is that you effectively get 2 smaller tubes instead of 1 larger O shaped tube. This increases the heat transfer surface area by around 15% compared to normal tubes.

Ultimate performance cooling
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